Are You Still Looking?

Anyone who has ever sold a classic car has wondered... where is it now?  For some, it wasn't a classic when they sold it, but today it is their hearts desire.

The Hot Rod Research Group was founded by author Jeff Goddard who himself was struggling to find a few classics that his father, Mike Goddard had sacrificed when Jeff was a child.  The search led him to write a book aptly titled "The Ones That Got Away" and it gave him a great deal of insight of tips and tricks to locate those long lost classics.

When you bring your search to us, we are going to give it our all.  Because we have been down the road as well.  NOW, not all cars will be located.  Some have been wrecked, dismantled, or stolen and will forever be lost.  But, our goal is to get you the most information possible.

Jeff Goddard

Founder & CEO

Jeff Goddard was born in Beckley, WV.  He spent most of his childhood in WV and learned about hard times at a very young age.

The mining industry fueled the economy where he lived and the 80's were not good for the coal industry.  These tough times are what laid the foundation for the book "The Ones That Got Away".

He is married to his college sweetheart (Becky) and they have three children (Emily, Sam, and Ansley).  They currently reside in the Lake Norman area of Mooresville, North Carolina.

Jeffs Tips for Finding YOUR Classic

FIND THE VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)  Finding the VIN not only gives you a solid lead, it also allows you a tangible lead to pass along to others.  Stay tuned as we share more tips on where to locate lost VIN #'s.

NARROW DOWN a geographical location of where you "think" the car may be now.  By doing this you can create a broader net to capture leads

ASK AROUND Ask the locals, join forums for fellow enthusiasts.  Scan and share pics of the car.  The broader your search and the more people you ask, the more likely you are to have success   

 HIRE PROFESSIONAL HELP Laws have been enacted to make it difficult to locate a vehicle with a VIN or plate #.  You will have to be proactive in your search tactics and this may include hiring a service like Hot Rod Research to seek out your classic car