Is it time to confirm your car is REALLY still out there???

So, you've researched it and you know it's out there. NOW... we find it. With the "Confirm It" package, we make an attempt to locate and make contact with the current registered owner and obtain photos of the car in it's current condition. As is the case with all packages, we will not provide you with the address of the current owner. Law requires us to maintain their privacy but we will provide you with all of the info the law allows.

We act as a 3rd party  liason to contact the current buyer. If there are known characteristics that will validate your ownership, we will attempt to confirm them. Once we have confirmed the ownership, we will provide you with the current geographical location of the car as well as documentation of it's existence.

Should you choose to continue to the next level, you will be offered the opportunity to pay the remaining $1100 to upgrade to the "Reconnect" package. At that point, we will arrange the meeting details as well as the opportunity for you to purchase the vehicle.

As noted on other packages, there are no guarantees that the car will be found. (or that the current owner will acknowledge our interests in seeing the car. Some folks are private and do not like to take chances in dealing with strangers. However, most folks will extend a welcome to a cars original owner as long as their privacy is respected. Therefore, we handle all of the logistics.