Research it.

Virtually everyone has reflected on a car from their past and thought . . . “I wonder where that car is now”

Up until now, finding a car that you previously owned was like finding a needle in a haystack.   However, with modern technology, we have the ability to track vehicles like never before.   And having the VIN (vehicle identification number) greatly reduces the size of the haystack you are looking in.

If you have the VIN, then the best place to start is the “Research It” package from Hot Rod Research.

As decades pass, many automobiles meet their rusty demise in junkyards, backyards and fields. However, the rising prices of classic cars is prompting many enthusiasts to save classics these slow deaths. This renaissance of classic cars could mean that your long lost classic is tucked away in a garage or a barn waiting to be reunited with you.

The “Research It” package essentially gets the ball rolling on your search.  After paying your Locator Service Fee using the link at the bottom of the page, you will be prompted to complete a questionnaire about the car you are searching for.  Once we receive your info, we will conduct a nationwide DMV record search to see if we can locate the last known whereabouts of your car.

If the search proves successful, we will provide you with the last known date of registration for your car. Sometimes, we discover the car is still currently registered which means we can often locate the car. Unfortunately, sometimes we discover the car has not been registered in many years, which could mean the car was wrecked, salvaged or parted out.  If this is the case, then there is a chance the car will not be trackable using modern technology. (a.k.a. –We’ve reached a dead end)

The ‘not-so’ FINE PRINT of this package is, per federal law, you will not receive the address information of the cars current whereabouts with this package.  The "Research It" packageis simply a stepping stone to help you determine if the car is still out there, and if you want to pursue it further.

If you choose to continue with your search, you can upgrade to the “Confirm It” package for the discounted price of $700.00 or the “Reconnect With It” package for $1700.0

The bonus to the tiered packages is, you aren’t spending thousands of dollars for a private investigator only to find out the car hasn't been registered in 30 years.

Be aware. Not all searches are successful.  Some car enthusiasts reach impenetrable dead ends.  This is why we structure our packages with options.  If you purchase one package and receive good news, then you can easily upgrade to the next option at a discounted price. Regardless which package you choose, we are there for the entire search. With our investigative skills, we seek the information and confirm the findings. f In many cases, we are also there on the day you finally lay eyes on your classic, documenting the event.